Effects of Ultrasonic Disintegration on the Characteristics of Paint Sludge from Automotive Industry

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The effects of ultrasonic pre-treatment (disintegration) on the characteristics of water-based paint sludge from automotive industries were investigated by monitoring the parameters such as pH, total organic carbon (TOC), soluble chemical oxygen demand (sCOD), and humidity loss. The influence of ultrasonication duration and intensity over the monitoring parameters was examined.The findings showed that ultrasonication increased the pH, TOC, sCOD and humidity loss levels of paint sludges. However, it was obvious that the intensity and duration of the sonication should be applied according to the sludge management method planned. Increasing the intensity of the sonication resulted in an increase in pH and sCOD levels, while decreased the TOC and loss of humidity levels. Similarly, when the duration of sonication increased, the pH and SCOD increased; TOC and loss of humidity decreased.


Sludge management; TOC; sCOD; loss of humidity

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