Production of CdTe Semiconductor Thin Films by Electrodeposition Technique for Solar Cell Applications

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Electro-deposited cadmium tellurite (CuTe) thin film was grown onto ITO-coated glass substrate for 120 seconds at the room temperature and a constant cathodic potential of -0.85 V. Deposition solution was prepared from cadmium chloride (CdCl2), sodium tellurite (Na2TeO3) and pure water. The pH value of the deposition solution was adjusted to 2.0 by adding HCl. The EDX analysis shows that the film has 52% Cd and 48% Te elemental compositions. Film thickness was found to be 140 nm. The CdTe thin film exhibits p-type semiconductor character, and has an energy bandgap of 1.47 eV.



Electrodeposition; CdTe Semiconductor Thin Film; Solar Cell

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