Evaluation of Applicability of Global Solar Radiation Prediction Models for Kocaeli

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Design and analyses of solar energy systems needs value of global solar radiation falling on the surface of the earth. In this study,  thirty relative sunshine duration based regression models in the literature for determining the monthly average daily global solar radiation on a horizontal surface for Kocaeli were investigated. To indicate the performance of the models, the following statistical test methods are used: mean absolute bias error (MABE), mean bias error (MBE), mean absolute percent error (MAPE), mean percent error (MPE), root mean square error (RMSE). According to the statistical performance, Lewis model (Model 23), Model-18 (Jin et al.) and Model 8 (Bahel et al.) showed the best estimation of the global solar radiation on a horizontal surface for Kocaeli.


Solar radiation; Regression models; Daily global solar radiation

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