Wire Electrical Discharge Machining of a Hybrid Composite: Evaluation of Kerf Width and Surface Roughness

Abdil KUŞ, Ali Riza MOTORCU, Ergün EKİCİ
3.012 717


In this study, the machinability characteristics of Al/B4C-Gr hybrid composite were investigated using wire electrical discharge machining (WEDM). In the experiments, the machining parameters of wire speed, pulse-on time and pulse-off time were varied in order to explaiın their effects on machining performance, including the width of slit (kerf) and surface roughness values (Rz and Rt). According to the Taguchi quality design concept, a L18 (21×32) orthogonal array was used to determine the S/N ratio, and analysis of variance (ANOVA) and the F-test were used to indicate the significant machining parameters affecting the machining performance. From the ANOVA and F-test results, the significant factors were determined for each of the machining performance criteria of kerf, Rz and Rt. The variations of kerf, Rz and Rt with the machining parameters were statistically modeled via the regression analysis method. The optimum levels of the control factors for kerf, Rz and Rt were specified as A1B1C1, A1B1C2 and A1B1C2, respectively. The correlation coefficients of the predictive equations developed for kerf, Rz and Rt were calculated as 0.98, 0.828 and 0.855, respectively.


Wire EDM; kerf; surface roughness; hybrid composite; Taguchi method

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.17482/uujfe.21303


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