An Economic Analysis of Residential PV System for Adiyaman, Turkey

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Solar energy constitutes the main source of all energy sources and it is one of the most important renewable energy sources in terms of huge potential. As with other energy sources not just in certain places in the world, everywhere have the potential where the sun rises and set. Turkey is located on the sunny area and solar energy generation is quite rich in potential. Together with the substantial increase in the efficiency of photovoltaic cells, generating electricity from solar energy is becoming increasingly common. Especially in places where no grid connection, photovoltaic cells is very useful in supplying the energy needs. In this study, Turkey's solar energy potential was analyzed, and PV systems to meet the electricity needs of a home were analyzed economically. Consequently, to meet the electricity needs of a house in Adiyaman conditions that require a surface area of 24 m2 with a PV system, and this system was determined to be able to amortize itself in 10 years.


Solar Energy, PV System, Economic Analysis

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