Designing a Prototype LPG Injection Electronic Control Unit for a Carburetted Gasoline Engine

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In this study, the originally carburetted gasoline engine was converted to gas-phase liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) injection engine by using an after market LPG conversion kit's components except the electronic control unit (ECU). Instead of after market LPG injection ECU, the ECU which was designed considering the effects of  electromagnetic interference (EMI), was used for controlling injection. The designed ECU was tested in terms of EMI while the engine was being run and it was detected that the EMI noises could be suppressed as possible by taken measures. Designed ECU was used in performance tests at different engine conditions and the results obtained with LPG injection were compared with the results obtained with LPG carburetion. According to the performance test results, LPG injection ECU designed in this study could help to achieve low exhaust emissions and high engine performance.




LPG injection; electronic control unit; electromagnetic interference; noise suppression methods

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