Virtual Private Lan Services Over IP/MPLS Networks and Router Configurations

Pınar KIRCI, Çağlar Özgür TOKA, Fatih ERDEM
3.120 1.155


The rising number of users and ever growing traffic rates over the networks reveal the need of higher bandwidth and transmission rates. At every packet transmission process, routers need to route the packets by looking at the routing tables, this fact leads to an increase at the load of the routers and at the amount of time consumed during the processes. Today, users need high level security, faster data transmission and easy managed network structures because of the increasing technology usage. MPLS network structures can provide these requirements with their QoS feature. In our work, at first a topology structure is constructed with the routers that are used in Alcatel-Lucent laboratories. OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) routing protocol and MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) technologies are used over the topology. Afterwards, E-pipe (Ethernet Pipe) and VPLS (Virtual private LAN services) configurations are performed over the routers. To illustrate the current network data traffic, three tests are performed in the study. Routers’ configurations are performed by Secure-CRT and still developing i-Gen software. With i-Gen, many routers’ configurations can be performed with a user friendly interface. Instead of performing the configurations one by one with Secure CRT, the user can perform the routers’ configurations easily by entering the needed values for the system with i-Gen software. So, with the new and developing i-Gen software, the users’ workload is minimized and streamlined. In our work, Secure-CRT software which is mostly preferred for router configurations at Windows operating system and i-Gen software which is developed by Alcatel-Lucent are considered. Both of the router configuration softwares are worked on and gained results are expounded. Consequently, instead of using time consuming Secure-CRT software, with utilizing new developed i-Gen software, the users’ work load is minimized.


E-pipe; VPLS; OSPF; MPLS; yönlendirici konfigrasyonu

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