Investigation of Gas Piston Actuated Opening-Closing Trunk Lid Mechanisms Used in Passenger Cars

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In this study, the gas piston actuated opening-closing trunk lid mechanisms used in passenger cars are investigated theoretically and experimentally. First, the position analysis of the mechanism which is a four-bar linkage has been carried out. Then the quasi-static analyzes according to the principle of virtual work have been made, and so the hand force, one of the most important parameters in terms of ergonomics, required for opening and closing the trunk lid has been calculated. In order to verify this developed model, the hand force has been determined also experimentally, performing the physical tests on an existing vehicle at Turkish Automobile Factory Inc. (TOFAŞ). Eventually, it is observed that the results obtained from mathematical model and the experimental measurements are compatible each other. This established model will provide convenience for manufacturers to determine the hand force for different model of vehicles. 


Trunk Lid Mechanisms, Four-Bar Linkage, Gas Piston

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