Design of an E-Shaped Microstrip GPS Antenna Operating at L1 Frequency

Sertaç ERDEMİR, Asım Egemen YILMAZ
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In this study, the E-shaped microstrip antenna, which has been widely used as a special type of microstrip antenna in the recent years along with the developing technology, is analyzed. Two parallel slots are added to the patch of antenna and these slots are integrated with the resonance frequencies and the bandwidth. The optimization of the antenna is assured with the parameterization of slot dimensions, with the length of 20 mm and the width of 47 mm. The high-gain E-shaped microstrip GPS antenna, which operates at L1 frequency (1575.42 MHz) and covering the 1550 MHz to 1605 MHz band, has been designed. Consequently, E-shaped microstrip antenna design, resonating at civilian GPS frequency (L1, 1575.42 GHz) with 3.5% bandwidth, was obtained; and its specifications were extracted by means of the simulations using the CST-MWS software package


E-Shaped Antenna, Microstrip Antenna, Patch Antenna, Dual Parallel Slots, GPS

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